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“If you can’t find the light at the end of the tunnel perhaps it’s because you are the light”


Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release troubling issues that limit our lives and inhibit the full expression of our Essence and our Beings.

Soul Memory Discovery is helpful in healing emotional challenges, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, rage, fears, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. It has helped people move through and heal physical ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, headaches, digestive disorders, cystic fibrosis, cancer, immune disorders, seizure disorders, and addictions. It can be helpful in shifting life challenges, such as problematic relationships, aloneness and isolation, poverty and lack, feelings of being lost and stuck, empty and meaningless.

The foundational theory of Soul Memory Discovery is that our bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime. We know that all of our experiences in this lifetime are recorded somewhere in our physical selves.

Our language expresses this wisdom so eloquently: We speak of having a “broken heart” and of “sitting on our anger,” and of “not being able to stomach it” and of “shouldering a burden”.

Just as our bodies hold memories of everything that has happened to us in this lifetime, so our auras, our electro-magnetic fields around our bodies, hold memories of everything that has ever happened to our soul. If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will continue on long after we are finished with these bodies, then it makes sense to think that these souls must have been doing something before they came into these bodies as well.

Some of us believe that these souls were in other bodies in other lifetimes. Others believe that these souls were, perhaps, in other forms in other worlds. Some believe that souls stay in the Higher Realms with God until they are called to be in this one body in this one lifetime. Whatever our belief, our souls come to us with their own histories, and we carry the memories of those histories in our auric fields.

When we do a polarity balance that is specific to Soul Memory Discovery work, and co-create Sacred Space, we are able to access all those memory banks stored in our body and in our auric field. What is wonderful about accessing these memory banks is that we can find the origin of any issue, or any complex of symptoms, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual issue, or even life patterns or work habits, or entire belief systems.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, where it can take months or even years to find the origins of an issue, understand these originating events, and move through the healing, with the Soul Memory Discovery Process, we can access the origins of an issue almost immediately and effortlessly. The information comes when the Soul Memory Facilitator and the client together ask questions of the client’s own soul and Spiritual Guidance Team. We are spiritually directed, and given access to, the specific information necessary to release the issue which hold the symptoms in place.

Once we find the original events of the current issue, there is a very simple release process which lifts those origins out of the system. This process is swift, gentle, and sacred. Once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and they go away.

All of this is accomplished in one or two sessions.

Soul Memory Discovery is a “sacred ritual” that uses the power of language and of specially spoken words to shift energy and effect change. It is a tremendously efficient and effective spiritual healing process.

We not only have memories of traumatic events stored in our auric fields, but we also hold memories of all the spiritual contracts we have ever made. In a Soul Memory Discovery session, we can also access those contracts and agreements, and receive information about our chosen mission and purpose in this lifetime.

For example, we can look at the contracts we made to partner in this lifetime with particular people, including our parents, our spouses, our children, or any of our significant others.

We can look at our career paths, our spiritual paths, our relationships with teachers and guides, colleagues and associates, friends and foes. It can be very helpful to see these contracts and to become conscious of the ways Spirit attempts to guide and direct us. We can also come to know our Guides, Master Guides, and Guardian Angels, who have contracted to serve with us in this lifetime and support us in our evolution.

We are very blessed to be in body at this time. Each of us is here because of the unique contributions we are able to make to our world. We are being called forward to stand in the fullness of our Essences, to be the largest expressions of ourselves. We no longer have the luxury of carrying debilitating symptoms, which limit the expression of our God Selves. And we no longer have the luxury of sitting in therapy for months or years trying to heal ourselves. The time demands that we be what we came here to be and do what we came here to do. Our world demands our full presence-now.

Soul Memory Discovery is a great gift for us. It allows us to live off limitation, and, almost immediately, to step into the fullness of our Truths in life-affirming, grace-filled ways.


Then, we can be what we truly came here to be – God’s partners in designing and co-creating a Garden of Eden on this Earth.

• Access memories held by your body cells
• Identify the sources of your emotional, physical, and spiritual pain
• Release those memory sources through a simple healing process
• Replace them with new expanded beliefs, which begin to manifest positively in your life
• Focus your energies
• Honor yourself
• Experience new joy and fulfillment
• Find a deeper meaning to your life and experiences
• Learn about past life traumas and their effects on your present life
• Heal destructive life patterns
• Heal physical ailments and imbalances
• Release spirit attachments
• Find your purpose in life
• Release whatever is blocking light and healing
• Manifest healthy and loving relationships
• Raise consciousness and understanding


Beginning with a quick polarity balance change polarity balance, which aligns your energy field with the Earth’s. This allows us to access clear and accurate information stored in your soul memory banks. Answers are accessed from your soul’s memory through logical “yes-no” questions, and the origins of your problems are identified, released, and cleared.

Throughout the session, you are fully alert, aware, and a full participant. The process is gentle, safe, uplifting, empowering, and immediately effective. The changes that take place during a Soul Memory Discovery session are life-enhancing and permanent.

If you, or someone you love, lives far away, a Long-Distance Soul Memory Discovery session is just as effective over the telephone – and just as enriching.

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