Shamanic and Energy Treatments

“Egolessness does not mean the absence of a functional self. It means one is no longer exclusively identified with that self.”

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual system on the earth, predating the earliest recorded civilizations by thousands of years. It is still practiced in the traditional sense by all indigenous peoples, i.e. Native Americans, Australia’s aboriginals, Eskimos, Siberians, Africans, Koreans, Tibetans, etc. Shamanism is the intentional effort to develop relationships with personal helping spirits. These spirits may be evolved teachers, or animal or plant spirits. Using sound, drums, rattles, song, etc., we consciously leave ordinary reality, and journey to the spirit realms. The intention is usually to receive wisdom teachings, power, and healing for ourselves and for others.

Shamanism is an ancient form of spirituality that our ancestors practiced, and it reveres the earth as a living conscious entity. You may practice shamanism without becoming a shaman. It is not a religion, and has no spiritual leader. We rely instead on developing our relationships with our helping spirits, and seek guidance in our lives from them to help us grow and evolve, to raise our consciousness, and to be of service to our community, humanity, and the earth.


The following may be added to any healing treatment.


The return or awakening of a powerful part of your soul that holds your potentials, possibilities, and qualities, that will restore to you your purpose. To align you with your divine essence and vitality.


power animalsTo establish a relationship with a helping animal spirit. This animal spirit, with qualities and characteristics that you need at this time in your life, is aligned with you. These qualities and characteristics heal you as you work with this totem animal, and they have medicine that will be beneficial to you and bring you power.


To assist in the transitioning process of souls who have passed over. To relay any messages that will be healing for you and the family and to assist you in a deeper understanding of the death process.


We are all made up of the same elements, and everything you see around you and that exists are also made up of these same elements. There are times in our lives when our vitality is lacking and we feel very disempowered and can’t seem to take the action that we need to shift into a new place in our life. A cloak of power can be very helpful at this time, and will consist of specific elements and powers that will be the most beneficial to you and help you through this vulnerable time.


To assist an incoming soul to transition smoothly into your life. To reveal to the chosen parents any messages that will assist them in the raising of this child to fulfill its own soul’s purpose.


To remove any harmful or stuck energies that block your potentials and gifts, and to help you understand the underlying cause of these intrusions so that your consciousness can be changed, and joy brought back.


Note: Some of these treatments may be combined with other treatments for more effective results.

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