How are Systemic Constellations done?

Constellations were originally designed to be done in a group, but can also be done in an individual setting. The facilitator, together with the client, will explore the issue by gathering information about the participant’s family or other system, focusing on factual information about tragedies, trauma, difficult destinies, and other events that mark the client or the client’s system.

The participant can then choose representatives for the people or parts in question, and place them in relationship to each other according to the inner picture. Alternatively, the group members can offer to stand in roles that ‘speak to them’, and also find the place they feel they need to stand in.

Invariably, an amazing thing happens: the representatives will start feeling sensations and emotions related so intimately to the true family members, that people oftentimes are shocked and relieved at the same time about the accuracy with which the family drama unfolds, revealing the hidden links to their own life’s drama.

With more and more information unfolding, words and actions can be found (by the representatives and/or the facilitator) to free the entangled from misdirected or blind love, loyalties, identities, and fates. And, step by step, in finding the true and original order (‘the order of love’), the members of the client’s system (representatives) can find the place where they truly belong.

They can feel peace and acceptance, and so can the mind, heart, and soul of the client.


• To identify the hidden dynamic’s underlying disease
• To bring peace and understanding to your own suffering and that of others in your family
• To align you with the overshadowing family soul
• To release and heal unresolved beliefs and patterns that you may be carrying from previous generations
• To allow love to live in the family lineage
• To bring the strengths, gifts, and potentials that have been suppressed through the generations into birth, and to replace the suffering and tragedies with these new



• Early death of parents
• Divorce
• Tragic death of a family member
• Miscarriages or abortions
• War
• Descendents of Holocaust
• Adoptions
• A mother that dies during childbirth
• Death of an infant
• Descendents of slavery
• Incest
• Forced emigration or loss of homeland
• Mental illness in family lineage
• History of hereditary or physical illness
• Emotional or physical abandonment by a parent
• Betrayal
• Suicide

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