Aura with Vibrational Healing

Pictures of the aura and charkas of a client with color and sound introduced over 20 minutes.

You see the client’s aura who is a clairvoyant is magenta. Surrounding her head is white because of the constant inflow of spiritual energy. The 2nd and 6th chakras are overstimulated. This client came to me complaining about headaches, eye problems, and a blood disorder. After testing her, red was the color she needed, as well as the note of F to bring balance, harmony, and healing.

I introduced red light color therapy and red etheric essence. You can see her aura change to blue and turquoise, much more calming colors. The 2nd and 6th chakra enlarged where her body took in the vibration medicine.

I continued to use red color light therapy and the note of F with turning forks on her meridian system. You can see how the color changed to green which is the physical equilibrator. Her chakras have moved into perfect alignment.

After 20 minutes of vibrational medicine, which included clearing water, silk scarfs, and color and sound therapy, you can see complete alignment with her soul or higher self. Her chakras are completely balanced. Her aura is now white, containing all of the colors. Her energy field now reflects good health, and emotional and mental balance.

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